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For Business Loan

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Our Services

Business Loan

Business loan is a loan that we offer to business owners for emergency cash needs. It could be SME business loan, corporate loan,

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation combines several loans such as credit card, personal loans, and private credit companies into ONE loan.

Personal Loan

Personal loan is for salaried workers who needed urgent cash loan for personal purposes. These loans known as unsecured loans

Cheque Cashing

Sometimes we come across post-dated cheque by customers. Cheque cashing services might help us get cash immediately.

Refinancing Loan

This type of loan offered for borrowers who have properties. Borrowers can apply for an excess cash payout, based on the market value

SME Loan

SME business loan is especially for small and medium enterprise. It may be small start-up trading or servicing enterprises. Hence, they may


Licensed Money Lender

We are a reputable money lender experienced in helping many businesses to overcome their short term financial difficulties. We are professional in assisting businesses who have difficulties in getting their loan application approved.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help in:

  • assisting business in financial difficulties,
  • to business owners who seeks to expand their business,
  • increasing need for money due to the late customer payment,
  • finding a good business opportunity out there to pursue,
  • urgent money to pay off the banks in order to maintain credit facility,
  • to assist an individual who need immediate cash for the use of medical need
  • to assist an individual’s emergency cash needs for family events.